Founded on principles of protection, prevention and partnership

Since its inception in 2008, Growing Against Violence (formerly known as Growing Against Gangs & Violence (GAGV) has grown from a small pilot programme delivering gangs resistance education and training to young people in Lambeth schools to what is now the largest serious violence prevention initiative of its kind in the UK.

The growth of Growing Against Violence has been unprecedented, with GAV curriculum having now been delivered to over 96,000 students in more than 460 schools across London.

What began as a pilot to provide Gang related resistance education has evolved to become a leading provider of Public Health related preventative education covering policy agendas related to all violence perpetrated against Young People, in particular: aspects of gun and knife crime, sexual violence, young people’s victimisation and trauma experiences, safeguarding, Social Media and online safety as well as training for Professionals and Parents.

As the GAV programme has grown it has become ever more rigorous in its theoretical foundations and practical materials with the curriculum having also evolved and developed over this period achieving Project Oracle Level 3 status. GAV sessions are only delivered as part of an integrated and coordinated Borough wide delivery model with appropriate safeguarding support. This is to ensure that delivery to schools is according to need, rather than ability to pay.

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