Michelle has been working with young offenders and victims of crime for over 10 years. She has been both a personal support and advocate for young people and a Personal Development tutor and group session leader. Her unique perspective on Serious Youth Violence has developed as a result of her own Academic Research, personal experience working with Gang members and professionals, across London for over 8 years, and also from her previous role as Operations and Safeguarding Manager for Growing Against Gangs and Violence. She is the Co-Author of the GAGV and GAV curriculum and current media representative for GAV. She has previously been part of research groups for Barnardos ‘Puppet On A String’ campaign and also the Children's Commissioners ‘It’s Wrong But You Get Used To It’ report on the role of girls in gangs. Michelle has worked with the Metropolitan Police concentrating on Serious Youth Violence within schools an most recently with the MPS, Barnardos and NWG on Operation MakeSafe. This role was as a Consultant for their 'Can You See It?' video and the follow up video ‘Can You Stop It?’, aimed at supporting professionals in identifying peer on peer Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) victims and perpetrators.

Michelle is currently delivering training; based on her Masters research ‘Digital Artefact Vs Digital Fingerprint’. This looks at how young people use social media to organise and perpetrate serious youth violence including Gang violence, Peer on Peer CSE and the organisation of selling drugs across county lines. It explores the dynamics of social media use and the way in which young people live their lives according to online networks.