Rhiannon has worked for 6 years within sectors dealing with violence against women and girls and criminal justice. She has been employed and experienced working for diverse organisations; East London Rape Crisis, Tender, Phoenix Futures at HMP Pentonville, Each One Teach One, Geese Theatre Company and The Children's Society. Recently her work at TCS has been on the female and male child sexual exploitation and gangs projects, which has taken her into custodial settings and youth offending teams to work with young people who are victims and perpetrators of gang related sexual violence and violent offending.
Currently Rhiannon is managing a project for young people who go missing from home or care, and looking to raise awareness about the links between criminal exploitation through gangs, child trafficking and those missing. Rhiannon enjoys working with GAV because of their front line knowledge and expertise, and their passion. Rhiannon specifically facilitates the GAV Girls Gangs and Consequences workshop.